Tempus Fugit. Carpe Diem.

by KGBTexas Admin on October 19, 2015

For millennia, humans have reflected on the way time flies and the necessity to seize the day. In the digital era, time seems to fly faster, and the days seem to be getting shorter.

There’s actually some science to back up that perception. A recent study by Microsoft found that the average human attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds. By 2013 it was only eight seconds. The headline-grabbing statistic was that human attention span is now “one second shorter than a goldfish!”

short attention span

The time bandit, say the Microsoft researchers, is the digital world. “Overall,” they found, “digital lifestyles deplete the ability to remain focused on a single task, particularly in non-digital environments.”

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Be Bullheaded About Branding

by KGBTexas Admin on October 12, 2015

Texas has a rich history with brands. Take a back road, and you’re bound to see a few cattle sporting a Lazy T or a Circle J. For hundreds of years, Texas ranchers have branded their cattle. Back in the day, every ranch had a simple, yet easy to read, marking for its herd to prevent thievery. Even with today’s modern technology, branding is still common among ranchers.


It’s serious business. If cattle aren’t branded, they could fall victim to rustlers. If calves are stolen before they’re branded, it’s the rightful owner’s tough luck.

The same is true for your business. Your business needs a brand, but branding goes beyond a logo or sign, which are brand assets, not the brand itself.

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Little Things Make Big Differences

by KGBTexas Admin on October 7, 2015

If you know me, you know I love great customer service. I guess it stems from how I was raised as well as my life as a marketer and a long-time sales person. When I experience someone who goes above and beyond, I often find myself analyzing why. What made that person add that extra touch? Were they trained to do so? Did someone else model that behavior for them? Or is it just their nature?

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The Value of Leadership

by KGBTexas Admin on September 30, 2015

Next spring I’ll turn the big 5-0. I suppose it’s only natural that as that momentous date approaches I spend some time reflecting on my past and some of the lessons I’ve learned. I’m noticing an interesting trend. The truly important people in my life, those who made the largest impact on me, have a very common thread – that thread is leadership.

To me leadership has a very simple definition – the ability to inspire those around you to improve themselves and the world we share.

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Just Another Day at the Office

by KGBTexas Admin on September 28, 2015

I’ve been working in, or with, the media for most of my life. I don’t want to sound like “that guy,” but there isn’t much about either side of a media interview I haven’t experienced.

I’ve been the guy asking the questions and the guy answering them. Nowadays, more often than not, I’m the guy behind the guy answering them. That’s an interesting place to be.

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