Business leaders united on immigration reform

by KGBTexas on February 8, 2011

The Greater Chamber and San Antonio Hispanic Chamber are both advocating for comprehensive immigration reform. The immigration issue paper that is being distributed to members of Congress this week in Washington says ?immigration reform is necessary in order to replace an aging domestic workforce and to remain competitive in today’s global economy.?

Here?s an interview with Louis Barrios, president/CEO of Los Barrios Enterprises, who is leading this year’s immigration team:

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison spoke to the group Monday morning and said that she is convinced there won?t be any ?comprehensive? immigration bill, but rather the Congress must address the issue in pieces. She said the first priority for her is passing the DREAM Act. She believes that children of illegal immigrants should not be deported. Our country has invested in their education and they should be allowed to remain in the U.S. and contribute to society. Hutchison opposed the original version of the DREAM Act that failed in the final days of the last Congress because, ?it expanded the scope of the bill beyond the intended individuals who were brought here as children and grew up and were educated in the United States,? and, ?was rushed through the Senate without time for consideration, deliberation, and consensus.?

? Jeff Coyle ?

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